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On Earth, Nick Lyons and his friends fear the deadly geneva virus, live under the ever-watchful eye of the nannydrones, and fight to stay out of the US’s many refugee camps. Nick’s grandfather and his mysterious friend offer an escape to a better world. Surprisingly, this new world is the moon, and it’s teeming with life-breathing airships, mysterious volcano born nymphs, fire-breathing winged lions, and magic at the tip of your tongue. The catch is Nick must also accept the role of protector over the merfolk, who are being hunted down by the sinister sheriff and his thousand-eyed monsters. Nick wants to lead his friends to a better life, but he will soon discover the fantastic can be more perilous than the future. 
When you buy The Merman and The Moon Forgotten, you’ll experience Nick's boisterous and heart-felt adventure as he seeks to save his friends and a race of moon-dwelling merfolk. If the kids from Stranger Things’ took a fantastic journey to the moon, you’d get Nikolas and Company.

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